SWIFT User Group

Do you want to get insight into upcoming SWIFT changes? Join the SWIFT User Group and you will receive emails with information on new features coming to SWIFT. We often poll our User Group to get feedback on which planned new features are the most desirable. So have your say about the future of SWIFT .. join the SWIFT User Group! Open to all SWIFT users, whether you are using the free trial, the Life List edition or the full Premium Edition.

SWIFT Super Users

Like you, we here at SWIFT want the best birding software on the planet to remain the best! We feel that SWIFT offers the best combination of excellent software at a very reasonable price. But we need help from SWIFT Super Users! By applying to the SWIFT Super Users group you will have a direct line to the SWIFT development team and will help other users who are new to using SWIFT.

SWIFT User Group logo
SWIFT User Group
SWIFT User Group logo

After joining the SWIFT User Group you will receive emails (approximately 3-4 times per year) from the SWIFT Product Team that may include:

  • Information on upcoming features in SWIFT
  • Requests for feedback on recent changes, what you like and don't like
  • Requests for 'most wanted' new features

To join the SWIFT User Group, simply email us by clicking the button below. It's free, so why not join today?

SWIFT User Group logo
SWIFT Super User
SWIFT User Group logo

The sections below outline the requirements, responsibilities and rewards of the SWIFT Super User group as well as regional information. To apply to become a SWIFT Super User, simply complete the short form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

The 3 'R's of the SWIFT Super Users Program:

  • Requirements - These are the few simple requirements each Super User must meet.
  • Responsibilities - Once you have become a Super User, this is what we want from you.
  • Rewards - This is what you will get out of being a SWIFT Super User.

SWIFT Super User - Requirements

  • You have a current, active subscription to the full SWIFT Premium Edition (expiring in 2019 or later)
  • Regular user of SWIFT, actively entering/viewing sightings, notes and photos at least weekly
  • Active user of eBird is preferred but not required

SWIFT Super User - Responsibilities

  • Respond to our development team who will periodically (3-4 times per year) ask our Super Users for feedback on changes via email
  • Help other SWIFT users who ask questions about use of the software or report issues on SWIFT user forum
  • Promote SWIFT to birding groups whenever feasible

SWIFT Super User - Rewards

  • Every SWIFT Super User will receive a FREE one-year subscription to the SWIFT Premium Edition added on to their existing subscription, provided they have met the responsibilities listed above. (Subscription extensions will be issued in late December.)
  • High resolution SWIFT Super User logo you can use on your Facebook page, birding blog, website, etc. to help promote your favorite birding software!
  • Direct access via email to the SWIFT development team; every email you send will be reviewed by the entire development team, giving you a direct line to new features and ideas for improvements/future enhancements to SWIFT.

SWIFT Super Users - Regions NOW FILLED! - Enrolment is closed

The SWIFT Super User group has been filled for all regional areas in the U.S. and Canada. We do plan on expanding to other countries in the future. To make sure we get valuable input and also account for regional birding habits and preferences, we limited the enrolment in the SWIFT Super User program to three individuals per region as shown in the two maps below. Seven regions in each country for a total of 42 Super Users. ALL regions have now been filled with their three Super Users, you can still join the SWIFT User Group (information above) and be among the first SWIFT users to learn about new features coming to SWIFT!

Canada Regions - SWIFT Super Users USA Regions - SWIFT Super Users
Please enter your SWIFT user name and the province or state where you live so we can confirm your subscription and the availability of a spot in the Super User group in your geographical region:
User Name
The SWIFT Super User Group is now full, thanks to all who have joined.
You can still join the SWIFT User Group (info above) and be the first to know about new features coming in SWIFT!